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Aradhya Tripathi Inspiring Journey Turning Down a 32 Lakh Job to Accept Google’s 56 Lakh Offer

Aradhya Tripathi Inspiring Journey Turning Down a 32 Lakh Job to Accept Google's 56 Lakh Offer

Aradhya Tripathi Inspiring Journey, The greatest payout ever granted to a former student of Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology (MMMUT) is 56 lakh rupees, which Aradhya Tripathi, a student there, secured from Google.

Aradhya, who is from the Uttar Pradesh town of Gothwa, declined a job offer of 32 lakh rupees from a reputable software business and instead to accept Google’s 56 lakh rupees offer after graduating from MMMUT.

Aradhya is a tech fanatic who, at a young age, has made a remarkable name for herself in the IT sector. Her academic prowess immediately distinguished her from others. She was born to a housewife mother and a lawyer father. Equipped with a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from MMMUT, she was ready for her next adventure.

OVERVIEW : Aradhya Tripathi Inspiring Journey

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• Aradhya had a highly successful career at Scaler in 2023 as a software engineer.

Aradhya has had great success in 2023 working for Scalar as a software developer. Her outstanding performance got her another amazing chance in addition to a great reward worth 32 lakh rupees. Aradhya received an incredible offer from Google, a large tech company, shortly after her successful stint.

Her real-world expertise in growing in fiercely competitive settings and overseeing scalable products was invaluable. “I have a strong grasp and experience with several technical stacks like React.JS, React Redux, NextJs, TypeScript, NodeJs, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and SCSS,” she stated on LinkedIn. I’m quite interested in data structures and algorithms, and I’ve earned high ratings on about a thousand problems answered on several coding platforms.


Aradhya has been hired by Google as a Software Development Engineer.

The largest parcel in MMMUT history has been delivered to Aradhya. She was hired by Google to work as a software development engineer. Deepika Tripathi, Aradhya’s mother, is a housewife, and her accomplishment brings the family great satisfaction. MMMUT department heads and faculty members have praised Aradhya.


Scaler Academy also made her an offer of 32 lakh rupees. After completing her internship at Scaler Academy, Aradhya received a monthly salary of 55,000 rupees. Following the internship, she received an offer from Scaler Academy worth 32 lakh rupees. She did, however, receive an offer from Google at this period.

From a village to Google :

Raised in a household where her mother was a housewife and her father was a lawyer, Aradhya excelled academically from an early age. She attended St. Joseph’s School for her secondary school before attending MMMUT to pursue a B.Tech in computer engineering.

A Journey Created with ‘Willpower’ and ‘Ability’ :

Aradhya was employed by Scalar Academy in 2023 as a software engineer. She had such a great time working for the organisation that Scalar Academy extended an amazing offer to her upon her internship completion: 32 lakh rupees. But not very long afterward, Google made her an even bigger offer that eclipsed the earlier one.

Aradhya obtained a great deal of expertise managing scalable products and live production traffic in a competitive setting both in her positions and during her internship.

The record was only in the names of the daughters for the 2021–2022 session.

In the 2021–2022 academic year, Microsoft offered placements to two female students from the Electronics and Communication Engineering department, Pragya Tiwari and Sanya Goyal, with an impressive package worth 50–50 lakh rupees each, according to Professor V.K. Dwivedi, the Chairman of the Training and Placement Cell. This was the most expensive bundle the university had ever provided.

Ekansh Saxena, a B.Tech IT student, received the largest package of 42 lakh rupees this academic year, highlighting the outstanding accomplishments of the students at the university.

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