Acer Debut into India’s Electric Scooter Market with the All-New eBike

Acer Debut into India’s Electric Scooter Market With the Acer MUVI 125 4G, the Taiwan-based company Acer—known for its innovative electronics and hardware—has announced its arrival into the Indian e-scooter industry. Unveiled at a ceremonial occasion in Hyderabad, Westin, it was priced at ₹99,999 in the ex-showroom.

Two fundamental tenets of the Acer brand are stability and innovation, according to Jade Zhou, vice president of global strategy at Acer Inc. Both are represented by the Acer MUVI 125 4G, and we are happy to see it on the market.”

Acer Debut into India’s Electric Scooter Market

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Acer made its debut in the Indian market for electric vehicles with the MUVI 125 4G, which is designed and produced by Think eBikeGo Private Limited. The Acer MUVI 125 4G, according to CEO Irfan Khan of Think eBikeGo Private Limited (Acer, the official licensee), “embodies their vision for a sustainable and innovative future” by providing urban commuters with a preferred alternative.

The Acer MUVI 125 4G has a lightweight design, interchangeable battery, 16-inch wheels, and three colour options: white, black, and grey. In India, incentives from the federal and state governments are available for this scooter.

The new e-scooter has an 80 km range and a peak speed of 75 km/h, according to the manufacturer. Acer claims that it may be tailored for use in B2B applications such as hyper-local food or grocery delivery, and that it is appropriate for office workers, college students, and everyday commuters.

The MUVI 125 4G is equipped with a circular LED headlight and a little front fairing. Its rear monoshock is offset, and it is equipped with a single front telescopic fork. Disc brakes are fitted on both ends. The MUVI 125 4G’s technical details are not available from Acer.

Acer’s goals include launching a number of two- and three-wheeler EVs and building a strong dealership and distribution network in important Indian cities. On the Acer MUVI 125 4G’s official India website, pre-orders will shortly be accepted. The business is also accepting queries from dealerships.

MUVI 125 4G Acer

Let’s discuss how much it costs. The Acer MUVI 125 4G is priced at ₹99,999 ex-showroom. This thrilling e-scooter will soon be available for pre-booking. You may visit the official website at to inquire about dealerships or make reservations.

Characteristics of the Acer MUVI 125 4G:

In terms of range, this electric scooter has an 80-kilometer range and a maximum speed of 75 kilometres per hour. It boasts 16-inch wheels, a lightweight chassis, a battery powertrain that can be swapped out, configurable design elements, and built-in communication technologies. Additionally, Acer has stated that replacing parts will be easy and economical, making the journey less expensive.

In response to the pricing reveal, Dr. Irfan Khan, CEO of Think eBikeGo Private Limited, Acer’s official licensee, stated: “Acer MUVI 125 4G advances our vision for a sustainable future.” We think it will be a great platform for cyclists in cities. The Acer MUVI 125 4G is the company’s first electric vehicle (EV) model to be introduced in India; further two- and three-wheeler EV models will follow.

Acer MUVI 125 4G pre-booking:

The Acer MUVI 125 4G pre-booking will be accessible shortly. Visit the official website at if you’re interested in making reservations or have questions about the dealership. In order to guarantee that clients receive the finest servicing, maintenance, warranty, and support, all purchases will be processed through authorised dealers.

A Summary at the Indian EV Industry

There are presently 3 million registered electric cars (EVs) in India, according to the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways. By 2030, it is anticipated that the nation’s yearly EV sales would reach 10 million units, potentially generating 50 million employment in the EV industry.

EV sales have increased by an astounding 300% in 2022, the minister said at a news conference last month in Delhi. Furthermore, by 2030, it’s anticipated that the market capacity would increase to $266 billion. He also claimed that over 400 EV startups are based in India.

Speaking at a conference on the safety of electric vehicles in Delhi, Minister Gadkari underlined that 40% of CO2 emissions in India come from road transport, making pollution one of the country’s top problems.

As per the media sources, Tata Motors Limited is reportedly making concerted efforts to fortify its standing and augment its visibility within the swiftly expanding Indian electric car industry. With the goal of participating in this potential market, they are creating specialised dealership networks for the provision of electric automobiles.

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