Government Plans APAAR Card One Nation One ID Initiative for Students

Government Plans APAAR Card One Nation One ID Initiative for Students, schools are required to get parental permission before issuing unique student identity numbers under the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID as part of the Central Government’s ‘One Nation, One Student’ project. Each student will have a unique ID that will be used to track their academic progress and other personal data. In addition, the Maharashtra government has directed teachers to update additional student details in the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE)data, such as blood type, height, and weight. However, the expansion of non-academic responsibilities has raised concerns among teachers.

To raise awareness among parents and explain the utility of the APAAR ID, schools have been directed to organize special Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings from October 16 to 18. Afterward, schools will need to mark each student as either ‘consent’ or ‘no consent’ in the UDISE database.

APAAR Card One Nation One ID Initiative for Students

APAAR Card One Nation One ID Initiative for Students

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The goal of the APAAR ID is to serve as a lifelong identifier that provides access to educational resources. Its use includes monitoring drop-out rates, student records, exam results, comprehensive report cards, health information, and digitizing learning outcomes. It will also be utilized for national entrance exams conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), admissions, scholarship distribution, government benefits transfer, and awards.

Representatives of teachers across the state have expressed concerns about the data entry task. Pandurang Kenger, who represents the School Principals’ Association in Mumbai, voiced apprehensions about the increasing administrative responsibilities on schools. He stated, “Schools have recently completed the task of updating students’ Aadhaar cards in the UDISE system, and now they have been entrusted with the responsibility of creating new ID cards and updating students’ physical attributes.”

Jalindar Sarode, a representative of the Shikshak Bharti, said that if the government continues to burden teachers with new tasks every day, it will turn them into data entry operators. “The details of each student are already available in UDISE. So why is there a need for new data? This will only add an extra burden on teachers,” Sarode stated.”

The Central Government is introducing an ID scheme for students. Under this scheme, each child will have a prepared ID with all their academic information, similar to an Aadhaar card. This student ID is named “Apaar ID.” It will include details such as the child’s name, address, date of birth, along with their extracurricular activities, education loans, scholarships, and awards received. All this data will be available on this ID, with parental permission required to create it.

Every Student’s Entire Data will be Submitted

Every student’s complete details will be included. Parents will be given a form to fill out and submit. What makes this card special is that once it’s created for a student, changing schools won’t affect it. Its number will be unique, like Aadhaar, and will be essential for students in the future. “Apaar” stands for Automated Permanent Academic Account. It will be used to create Apaar IDs for students in all schools across the country, and it will also be used during admissions. To enroll in any school in any district of the country, simply input the Apaar number, and all their details will be readily available.

From higher Education to Jobs, the APAAR ID will be Essential

As per the New Education Policy (NEP 2020), the introduction of this Apaar ID is a significant step. This Apaar ID will be linked to children’s Aadhaar numbers. Several government schemes are integrating the Apaar ID, like determining their credit score for financial services such as loans. Through this ID, students will receive a credit score, which will prove beneficial for higher education or job opportunities. According to reports, it is expected that NTA or other universities may use it for entrance exams.

Parents will be Part of The Discussion

The Chairman of AICTE, T.J. SitaRaman, stated that every skill nurtured in students will be recognized here. The State’s Department of School Education is organizing meetings with parents and teachers from October 16 to 18 to discuss the importance of creating Apaar IDs for educational institutions.”

Get Details with Just One Click

The data collected based on the Aadhaar ID will be the foundation for the APAAR ID. School principals mentioned that they are already striving to update students’ Aadhaar details on the portal.

Parental Approval is Essential

For this ID, parental consent will be necessary. The government has assured that the data will remain confidential and will only be shared with government agencies when required. Parents who provide their consent can retrieve it at any time. After receiving consent, it becomes the school’s responsibility to upload it to the Centralized District and Information Education Plus portal

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