Meta X Ray-Ban Smart Glasses That Revolutionized New Era Of Connectivity

Event at Meta Connect 2023: In partnership with the well-known eyewear company Ray-Ban, Meta has announced the release of Meta X Ray-Ban Smart Glasses.

These smart glasses, which were displayed alongside Meta Quest 3 and other ground-breaking items, provide a number of functions and stand out from the competition thanks to their stylish appearance.

Utilizing live streaming on social media sites

Meta X Ray-Ban Smart Glasses’ ability to live broadcast videos directly to Facebook and Instagram is one of their most notable capabilities.

Thanks to this hands-free live streaming functionality, users can now easily share their in-the-moment experiences, raising the bar for recording and disseminating moments.

Smart Glasses with an Improved Camera and Speaker System from “Ray-Ban with Meta”

Advanced Camera and Speaker System for Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have a 12-megapixel camera sensor and an LED unit, enabling high-definition photo and video capabilities.

Users are able to record 1080p films for up to 60 seconds and take pictures with a resolution of 3,024 by 4,032 pixels, sharing these media files without any problems using the Meta View app.

In addition, compared to the Ray-Ban Stories, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses provide a dual open-ear speaker system with 50% quicker sound, deeper bass, and greater clarity.

A more immersive audio experience is offered by the improved audio design, which also lessens audio leaking. Smart Glasses from Ray-Ban with Stylish Design and Longer Battery Life

The attractive and modern Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are made to appeal to consumers who are fashion conscious. Users could choose from 150 distinct bespoke frame and lens design configurations to complement their own tastes.

These smart glasses promise fast and efficient performance since they are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 platform the SOC. Users may conveniently save their images, movies, and other media assets on the 32GB of built-in storage. The glasses have a four-hour life of the battery and take 75 minutes to charge. likewise the charging case extends battery life by 32 hours, enabling users to wear the glasses all day long without worrying regarding running out of juice.

Specification : Meta X Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

In the boxGlasses, charging case, cleaning cloth, reference guide

Frame description
MaterialFrame: BTR600/800 Temple Arms: TR92


Lens information – Lens color G15 Green , TreatmentSun Polarized

Dimensions – Frame width (mm)147.5, Frame height (mm)49.2, Arm lengthShort

Weight – Frame49.2g , Charging case133g

Camera – MP12 MP ultra-wide, Image framing / resolutionPortrait default / 3024 X 4032 pixels, VideoVertical default / 1440 x 1920 pixels at 30 fps
Speaker2x Custom-built speakers (open ear)
MicrophoneCustom 5-mic Array (2 in left arm, 2 in right arm, 1 near nose pad)
Loudness & bass76.1dB(C), 50% louder and 2x more bass (vs. Ray-Ban Stories)

Battery – Rechargeable smart glasses with up to 4 hours with single charge, up to 36 hours 

RAW32GB Flash Storage
Capacity100+ videos (30 sec) and 500+ photos (3 frame burst)

Connectivity – Wi-FiWi-Fi 6, BluetoothBluetooth 5.3, OS compatibilityiOS13.0 and above / Android 8.1 and above

The price and availability of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

Pre-orders for the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are now being accepted in 15 different countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and many European markets. On October 17, official sales will start in these areas. But Meta hasn’t yet made the launch date for India public.

The meta-AI

In order to get a seat at the AI chatbot table, Meta is also introducing a number of AI-powered bots in its messaging applications. Meta is also creating a new AI assistant dubbed Meta AI, which will shortly make its debut in Meta’s recently announced Quest 3 VR headset. This artificial intelligence (AI) assistant can help users plan time off with pals in group chats, reply to trivia questions, and provide real-time online results on Bing.AI Studio, a tool that lets companies build AI chatbots for the company’s messaging programmers, such Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, was also released by Meta today. Starting with Messenger, the firm claims that AI Studio will let organizations “build AI that represents their brand values and enhances customer service experiences.”

Speaking of AI, verify out the long list of well-known people who have signed to join Meta to allow the use of their likeness for amusement while maintaining their anonymity. Currently, 28 AI characters have been created wholly by AI and are based on well-known figures from the activities such as sports, social media, and other professions.

Privacy is the top priority

Our duty is to provide a pleasant and secure environment for everyone, not only the gadget user but also for those nearby, just like with any new technology. Because of this, we have always embedded privacy into the user experience and product design.

Hardware precautions include a power button that may be used to turn off the camera and microphone when necessary and an above-camera capture LED that illuminates to let individuals in the area know when a picture or a video is being taken.

Controls in the Facebook View app allow you to customize your experience; in our user study, the top concerns were to choosing when and where to share your personally identifiable information and material that was taken by your glasses.

By default, Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses gather the data required for the glasses to function, including checking your Wi-Fi access, monitoring your battery level to warn you when it is low, and authenticating your Facebook login for enhanced security. For the sake of product development, enhancements, and personalization, you can opt to share more data with Facebook, such as the quantity of images you snap or the duration of videos you record. You always have the choice to modify this setting.

It is absolutely optional to utilize Facebook Assistant for voice-activated capturing. Your voice transcripts are available for inspection and deletion, and you always have the choice to disable Voice Storage and/or Facebook Assistant in the settings.

Ray-Ban Case Studies You won’t be troubled by adverts when wearing Smart Glasses or Facebook View because they both offer an ad-free experience. Your pictures and videos won’t be used to create customized adverts by us. The conditions of any other app that you share material on will be applicable.

Photos and movies taken with smart glasses are encrypted for enhanced security. If you lose your Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses and someone tries to link them with a new phone and Facebook account, any data and media left on the glasses will be instantly deleted because glasses can only be associated with one account at a time.

Taking Authority of Innovation

The absence of privacy features and controls is insufficient. For their personal protection and the safety of others around them, we think it’s critical to actively educate individuals on how to wear Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses securely and responsibly. We’ve created rules, some of which are available in full online on our specific privacy webpage and some of which display immediately in the app during onboarding. These rules include honouring people’s preferences, such as ceasing recording or refraining from taking pictures or films in private spaces like locker rooms, bathrooms, and places of worship.

Future of AR Glasses

Our goal at Facebook Reality Labs is to develop solutions that enable users to feel connected at all times and places. We see augmented and enhanced reality as the following platform for computers that is centered on humans. Similar to modern computers and smartphones, augmented reality (AR) has the power to bridge physical gaps, bring people together, and transform the way we connect socially—the sensation of feeling present with others wherever they may be.

This vision for wearable technology, which will transform how we interact with one another and the outside world, is shared by EssilorLuxottica. Introducing the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses is an intriguing first look at what’s possible when we start to shift our emphasis away from everyday life-distracting technologies and towards those the first product to result from our multi-year cooperation with EssilorLuxottica will be the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses. Together, we’re committed to provide cutting-edge technology, stylish style, as well as assistance for stronger social relationships.


Socially-Oriented : “Broadcasting live”

Through your glasses, live-stream your special moments on Instagram and Facebook for everyone to see.

Authority and Understanding : “The  meta-AI”

Ask Meta AI for assisting you express concepts, gather information, and organize your features so you never miss a beat.

A pleasant experience : “Trend and Innovations”

Every aspect has been carefully designed to function together, allowing you to fully embrace every experience to the best and stay in the current moment.

Integrated HD Camera : “Embrace the Moment”

With the new ultra-wide 12MP camera and immersive sound recording, shoot high-quality photos and movies.

Confined Audio : “Make observations”

Sleek open-ear speakers enable you to enjoy high-quality audio for calls, music, and other activity while being aware of the world around you.

Texting and calling : “Make a call ahead”

Not anymore need to hesitate while answering the phone. In addition, you can use your voice to place calls as well as send messages on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS 100% hands-free.

The Media Gallery : “Enabling Effective Shot”

Observe how individuals share information, capture, and instantly share their surroundings with others.

Procurement Cycle : “Additional Details”

Experience the fashionable look that comes with our thin, light frames.

Security and Privacy : “Responsibly Capture & Stream Information”

Take in charge of your privacy by controlling your information, activating simple privacy settings, and deciding whether to share more information with Meta to be able to improve the app and glasses.

Outsiders : “The Audience Participation”

When you are taking pictures or broadcasting in real time, LED light indicators let others know. You will become alerted to uncover the LED if it is covered.

About Yourself : “A Collection”

In a variety of frames that mix Ray-Ban style with Meta technology, two versatile fashions come together. Current lenses come in prescription, sun, polarize, or Transition variations. All lenses offer enhanced security, comfort, and clarity.

Introducing the New Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses

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