Rajasthan’s Bhilwara District Creates History with World’s Largest Roti

Kailash Soni, a native of Bhilwara city, celebrated his birthday in a special fashion, and as a result, Bhilwara is poised to break the record for producing the World’s Largest Roti. At several Hari Seva Dham temples scattered around Bhilwara city, he oversaw the creation of the largest roti in history. The largest roti in the world was created by 21 confectioners working together over the course of roughly 5 hours of labour. This roti, whose weight was measured at 171 kilogrammes, will be included into the Guinness Book of World Records.

It’s important to note that Jamnagar previously held the Guinness World Record for producing a roti

hat weighed roughly 145 kilogrammes. The record has now been surpassed by Bhilwara. Everyone celebrates their birthdays in a unique way, according to Kailash Soni; some people cut cakes while others light candles. But he made the choice to celebrate his birthday by highlighting Bhilwara’s vibrant culture. He made the biggest roti in the world because he wanted to make Bhilwara famous.

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All Set To Make HISTORY : World’s Largest Roti

21 confectioners from different states around the nation made this roti. 2000 bricks of pure clay were used to build the roti oven. Its preparation did not include the use of fuel or petroleum products.

It was prepared using a clay oven in the customary manner, and after it had finished cooking, it was served to worshippers as prasad alongside Panchkuti sabzi.

A sizable crowd assembled to watch the creation of this roti, according to Kailash Soni. They have now entered it in a Guinness World Records contest. The iron plate used to roll out the roti weights 1,000 kilogrammes, while the roti itself weighs about 171 kilogrammes. On an 11×11 foot pan, the roti was made. The roti were also flattened using a 20-foot-long iron roller with a diameter of roughly 70 mm. The 207 kilogrammes of wet flour used to make this enormous roti contained 10 kilogrammes of flour, almost 15 kilogrammes of desi ghee, and small amounts of water and oil.

Team of Approximately 50 workers :

At Hari Seva Dham in Bhilwara, under the direction of Sant Hansram, the Mahamandaleshwar of Hari Seva Dham, over 50 volunteers are working to make the largest roti ever. The endeavour is being led by Rajasthan Janmanch President Kailash Soni. He added that planning for this event had begun much earlier and that every last aspect was being meticulously.

171 Kg ROTI :

In Bhilwara, Rajasthan, a 171 kilogramme roti was successfully baked, and it is now on track to become a Guinness World Record. Not only a record will be made, but the current generation will also be reminded of our rich cultural past and Vedic ideals.

The district spokesperson for the BJP and the head of the Rajasthan Janmanch, Kailash Soni, is a resident of Bhilwara, Rajasthan. To commemorate his birthday, he has planned this amazing project. To draw in the young people, who are the target audience for this campaign.

Made By Machine :

Clay paste was applied to 2,000 bricks throughout the roti-making process, and 21 teams of confectioners used 1,000 kilogrammes of coal and 1,000 bricks. The dough was applied with a machine, kneaded, then weighed using an electronic scale. 207 kilogrammes were recorded as the weight. The roti itself weighed 190 kilogrammes when the weight of the plate was removed. Then, using a steel rod, 21 confectioners started rolling out this enormous 20-foot-long roti. It was difficult to turn because of its size, so another pan was set on top. The roti was prepared and later weighed at 171 kilogrammes after being lavishly slathered in butter.

Distributed as Prasad :

Let us inform you that a live recording of the production of this roti was also made in order to register it as the world record; this tape was also submitted to the Limca Book, International Book of Records. The roti is, however, given away as Prasad to the visitors and devotees once it is made.

1000 will receive Prasad :

According to Kailash Soni, the president of the Rajasthani Janmanch, a little over a thousand individuals will receive roti as prasad. The roti will be served with panchkute vegetables.

Jamnagar Is Currently listed as the Record’s Owner :

Sant Hansram reported that the Jamnagar-based Jalaram Bapa Samiti currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest roti. After making this roti, Bhilwara will hold the record for the largest roti in the Guinness Book.

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