Tinder’s $499 Plan “Swipe Right on Love, Left on Savings”

Love is turning into an expensive game, but it’s not because you have to spoil your spouse with pricey presents and nice meals up front. However, you might need to pay closer attention to your pocketbook if you’re Utilising dating apps, like Tinder, to discover your ideal mate. Because Tinder is now giving customers who are willing to spend about $499 per month a better chance of meeting their dream companion.
Online dating service Tinder, based in the United States, just introduced a new ultra-premium subscription option for its users called Tinder Select, priced at $499 (about 41,000 rupees) each month. The new premium tier, known as Tinder Select, is an invitation-only membership Programme that offers its dating users.

The  $499 subscription plan for Tinder is ” The  High  Cost of  Love.”




Featuring unique elements such as improved search and match options.

The firm claims that Tinder Select subscribers can now message users they haven’t matched with and that users who swipe right on their profiles are more likely to see them first. Less than 1% of Tinder users, who the firm believes to be “extremely active,” may, however, access this plan.

The hitch is that users must pass Tinder’s “5-Point Select Screen” if they decide to sign up for the premium membership. This comprises:

1  Having a profile photo that has been confirmed.
2  An online profile and biography.
3  Mentioning a minimum of five interests.
4  Displaying no less than four images.
5  Describing on the dating app the kind of connection they’re looking for.

Tinder Select members will get a special Select badge for their profile once these five requirements are satisfied and the profile is Authorised. Similar to the new Twitter Blue check that enables users to hide it on their profile, they can decide whether to display this badge or keep their premium status hidden if they so desire. According to Tinder, applications will be evaluated continuously.

Mark Van Rijswijk, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, commented on the new premium plan, saying, “We know that there’s a group of incredibly busy and engaged users that Prioritise more efficient and knowledgeable ways to build connections. So, over the past few months, we’ve been conducting thorough testing and gathering customer input to create an entirely new service for them.

It’s interesting to note that before Tinder Select, Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, had purchased The League, A Specialised dating app that catered to ambitious, career-focused singles. Users of The League must pay up to $1,000 per week, and Tinder Select may have been influenced by The League’s popularity. Nevertheless, Tinder Select is a premium subscription service that adds extra features to the app, in contrast to The League, which employs human matchmakers.

What Is the New SELECT Subscription for Tinder?

The Tinder Select subscription option is only available to a small percentage of the most active users—less than 1% of the total user base—and requires an invitation. The main facts are as follows:

• Cost of the monthly subscription: a whopping $499, or about 41,417 rupees.

• According to Tinder, applications for Tinder Select will be consistently reviewed.

• Tinder’s Chief Product Officer, Mark Van Rijswijk, said in a statement about the launch of the new Tinder Select membership plan, We believe that there is a group of extremely busy and engaged users that Prioritise more efficient and knowledgeable ways to build connections.

• Therefore, over the past few months, we have conducted rigorous testing and gathered user input to select your subscription options.

What distinguishes the ‘Tinder Select’ subscription plan from the competition and justifies its premium pricing of $499 per month or $6,000 per year (about 4,98,000 rupees per year)


The following are some salient characteristics:

VIP Search: Without matching with anyone, you can browse profiles and send direct messages to persons you find interesting.

Increased Visibility: Even if they don’t have Gold or Platinum membership, other Tinder users can still view your photo in their “You’re Liked” section.

Badge of Honour:  If you want to pay $499 per month for higher chances of making significant contacts, your profile will display a badge indicating that you are a Select subscriber.

Connect with Popular Profiles:  By viewing and interacting with the “Most Swiped Right” profiles, you might be able to establish a more sincere and meaningful relationship.
Who Recently Liked You? While Ads Are Hidden.

Why is the Price Point So High?

Considering that dating industry veterans are presently sailing through tough waters, the $6,000 annual membership plan would be appropriate.
The company that owns Tinder, Match Group, announced its first-ever quarterly decline in Q2 2022. On August 2, the company and its leaders engaged a serious discussion about their monetization plan during their earnings call.
Although the future viability of Tinder’s new product is still uncertain, Bernard Kim, the interim CEO of Match and Tinder, expressed optimism when questioned about it. According to Kim, “If you really take a small subset of our subscribers at a very high price point, you’re really talking about millions of dollars on an Annualised basis.”
Another statement from him was, “A small group of subscribers monetizes at a very high rate.”


“Tinder’s $499 Plan: Swipe Right on Love, Left on Savings”
• A new ultra-premium subscription service called Tinder Select costs $499 per month
• Users can message people they haven’t matched with under this invitation-only membership tier, which also gives ‘Most Swiped Right’ users’ profiles priority.
• Less than 1% of users have access to Tinder Select, which has a thorough application process.
• The assurance of discovering deeper connections and improved functionality justifies the expensive price tag.

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