HCL Tech 10000 New Job Openings for Freshers

HCL Tech confirmed their talent search on campus this year on Thursday, HCL Tech 10000 New Job Openings for Freshers this year, a considerable decrease from the 27,000 hired in the previous fiscal year.

These remarks coincided with Infosys’ announcement on the same day that it will not be sending offer letters to new hires for the current fiscal year due to low market demand.

In the first half of the fiscal year, 5,200 new hires were added, according to HCL Tech.

EFFICIENT IN HIRING : HCL Tech 10000 New Job Openings for Freshers

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As is customary, the July–September quarter has the largest intake. Chief Human Resources Officer of HCL Tech Ramanathan Sundararajan stated, “We’ll do in the second half as well what we did in the first half. We will end the year with approximately 10,000 hires.”

HCL Tech employed roughly 1,600 new hires in the first quarter and 3,630 in the most recent quarter.

HCL expressed optimism over hiring and said it will not be making any modifications to its campus employment programme.

“As we speak, all of my colleagues are actively touring campuses,” said Sundararajan.

On the other hand, Infosys stated, “At this time, we will not be visiting campuses. We will consider future projections and take appropriate action.

Conversely, TCS refrained from discussing its recruitment strategy, but guaranteed that they would ‘respect’ all offer letters and grant a little window of time for joining.

Similar to TCS and Infosys, HCL Tech had 2,299 employees at the end of the fiscal year 2024 after a 1% decrease in pure headcount in the September quarter.

The company stated, similar to others, that it is concentrating on raising operating margins in spite of difficult business conditions.

Every Indian IT company hired with the intention of filling the vacancies since they expected a high demand for their services this year. However, because of high interest rates and uncertainty surrounding the global economy, there has been a decline in demand for IT services in their two largest markets, the United States and Europe.

Sundararajan blamed the demand situation and the company’s decision to let go of employees for the headcount decline.

The corporation stated that in addition to the current workforce’s improvement in efficiency, it is also witnessing a decrease in headcount.

Regarding pay adjustments, Sundararajan declared that the business would start making adjustments in October.

“In the fiscal year, middle and senior management will not see wage increases.” 24. 90% of workers will be qualified for pay adjustments, according to him.

Estimates state that the IT services provider’s consolidated net profit increased by 10% to 3,832 crores in the September quarter.

Shiv Nadar : who is he ?

Shiv Nadar

Indian business tycoon and philanthropist Shiv Nadar was a co-founder and previous chairman of the multinational IT services provider HCL Technologies. In July 2020, he announced his resignation as chairman of HCL Tech, transferring the position to his daughter, Roshni Nadar Malhotra. C. Vijay Kumar was named the organization’s MD and CEO in July 2021.

In addition, Shiv Nadar founded the Shiv Nadar Foundation and serves as its chairman. He is among the nation’s pioneers in the computing and IT industries. ‘Magus,’ which translates to ‘wizard’ in ancient Persian, was the loving nickname given to him by his pals. He was listed as the third richest person in India by Forbes in October 2021, with an estimated net worth of $31.6 billion (236,600 crores).

On July 14, 1945, Shiv Nadar was born in Tamil Nadu, the son of Vamasundari Devi and Shivsubramanyam Nadar. He did his undergraduate education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at PSG College of Technology after earning his pre-university degree from American College, Madurai. He wed Indian art collector and philanthropist Kiran Shiv Nadar.

Employment :

He started working as an engineer at Pune’s Cooper Engineering (CEIP) in 1967. A few years later, he quit his job to pursue a career in business, teaming up with Ajay Chaudhary and others to launch Microcomp, a company that used the ‘TVS’ brand to operate. Afterwards, in 1976, he established HCL Technologies to produce calculators and microprocessors.

Achievements :

• The Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honour (2008)

• Madras University awarded an honorary doctorate in 2007

• 2007’s E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year

• Forbes’ Asia Pacific’s 48 Heroes of Philanthropy (2011)

• India Today’s 2017 list of the country’s 50 most powerful individuals

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