IShowSpeed Touches Down in India Backing Virat Kohli at the ODI World Cup 2023

IShowSpeed Touches Down in India Backing Virat Kohli at the ODI World Cup 2023 against powerful rivals Pakistan, With his highly anticipated match on October 14.

Football sensation Speed’s appearance was timed to match his recent presence with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Known for his ardent support of Ronaldo, Speed has also heaped admiration on Indian cricket legend Virat Kohli. In his funny live streams, he frequently calls Kohli the “Greatest of All Time” (G.O.A.T).

IShowSpeed Touches Down in India Backing Virat Kohli

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The internet is burning with videos which demonstrate Speed’s joy while travelling across India. In an extensively shared video, YouTube sensation Speed is seen looking for Mumbai while wearing a Team India shirt belonging to Virat Kohli.

In in addition to showcasing the anticipation and desire all through the world for a One-Day World Cup, Speed’s presence in India also highlights the popularity of sports icons such as Virat Kohli across cultural divides. Any competition featuring India and Pakistan is outstanding; and the anticipation is only heightened by well-known athletes like IShowSpeed.

IShowSpeed : Who Is HE ?

Rapper, YouTuber, social media influencer, streamer, and content creator from the United States is Darren Watkins Jr., better known online as IShowSpeed. IShowSpeed made $1 million in total revenue as of 2023 from his work as a social media influencer, streamer, and content creator. He also makes money via business endeavours, brand sponsorships, and other activities. His ascent to fame commenced with his Twitch streaming debut.

Since he started streaming NBA 2K18, he has become more well-known. He began streaming on YouTube after first using Twitch as his primary platform. In the end, he gained a sizable social media following. He has received 601 million views and more than 8.8 million subscribers on YouTube.
He has almost 25 million likes and more than 6 million followers on TikTok. In addition, he has 2.4 million Instagram followers and 11,000 Twitter followers. He had 170,000 followers on livestream before to ascending to the peak.

“Relationships, Family, and Girlfriend”

Speed came from an African American family at birth. Mrs. Watkins is his mother, and Darren Watkins Senior is his father. He grew up in a Christian home with two siblings, a brother and a sister.

Speed is not in a relationship at the moment. Harmonie Renée and him were once romantically involved, but they are no longer together. Speed has discussed their connection and the breakup with his ex-girlfriend. It was also disclosed that he is the father of a child from a previous relationship, a fact that was never confirmed.

ISpeedShow’s Net Worth :

Darren gets most of his money through Livestream views, donations, and YouTube advertising revenue, which is rather significant. The anticipated overall net worth of IShowSpeed as of January 2023 is $10–$12 million. Darren also makes money via merchandise, TikTok, and sponsored campaigns. He has also amassed fortune via brand alliances and music sales.


• India crushed Afghanistan, asking just 35 overs to chase down 273 runs.

• Pakistan orchestrated a world cup record-chasing campaign in Hyderabad versus Sri Lanka.

• At 2:00 pm IST, India takes on Pakistan at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

• YouTuber “ISPEEDSHOW ” is in INDIA to support Virat Kohli and Team India against Pakistan.

• ISPEEDSHOW is roaming in Mumbai streets while wearing Virat Kohli jersey and exploring Indian culture.

Everywhere You Look: Virat’s Jersey from Mumbai to Ahmedabad

‘IShowSpeed,’ a well-known live streamer on YouTube, has made a name for himself by combining a wonderful sense of humour with unrelenting dedication. His participation has given the ODI World Cup a new level of excitement.

Virat Kohli, 34, is a player that Speed adores, and he has frequently asserted that he is the greatest in cricket history. The teenage athlete made fun of Babar Azam on Instagram by writing, “Virat Kohli is the G.O.A.T.” In a video, Speed is shown bowling for Indian spectators while in Mumbai and dressed in traditional Indian culture.

When ‘IShowSpeed’ was discovered in Ahmedabad donning Virat Kohli’s cricket jersey, it was a very passionate show of support that got fans excited both in the stadium and online. His jersey-clad photo went viral, perfectly encapsulating the exciting competition.

A Cricket Adventure Across India

‘IShowSpeed’ thrilled fans at Mumbai’s famous Azad Maidan by carrying on the tradition of wearing a jersey while dressed traditionally in a dhoti. His journey of India and his consistent support of the Indian cricket team indicate a shared enthusiasm for the game of cricket and its excellent performers.

Passionate followers and the popular YouTube sensation “IShowSpeed” add an additional dimension of excitement to the ODI World Cup. His enthusiasm had been acknowledged by supporters, and the way he appeared in the anticipation to the thrilling India vs. Pakistan match while wearing his unique jersey has made him pretty well-known. Watch ‘IShowSpeed’ in the stands as he shares his love for the game and its players.

In addition to Ronaldo, Speed is a big fan of Kohli and is frequently seen complimenting the cricket player on his YouTube live feeds, which have helped him gain a sizable following in India. Seeing how much fun he provides for Indian supporters when India plays Pakistan in Ahmedabad on October 14 will be interesting.

The first two “ODI World Cup 2023” matches are won by INDIA

Speaking of the Indian squad, they have won their opening two games in the World Cup, putting them in an excellent position. The Green Team has won their first two games, therefore their third encounter will be quite difficult. India, who just trounced Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, is the clear favourite to win.


The stadium is always crowded with fervent spectators whenever India and Pakistan play cricket. There has long been a rivalry between the two titans of cricket. The atmosphere at India vs Pakistan matches is always tight.

With the ICC World Cup 2023 returning after a four-year hiatus, supporters are looking forward to India vs Pakistan’s match on Saturday, October 14, at 2:00 pm IST.

The eagerly awaited India vs. Pakistan match will take place at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium. What you need to know about the head-to-head statistics between India and Pakistan is provided here.

INDIA vs PAKISTAN Head-to-Head in ICC WORLD CUP ( 7 – 0 )

March 4, 1992India43 runsSydney
March 9, 1996India39 runsBengaluru
June 8, 1999India47 runsManchester
March 1, 2003India6 wicketsCenturion
March 30, 2011India29 runsMohali
Feb 15, 2015India76 runsAdelaide
June 16, 2019India89 runs via DLS methodManchester

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