Travel Deal Alert: OYO Offers Up to 60% Discounts for Indian Tourists in Thailand

The international hospitality technology startup OYO Offers Up to 60% Discounts for Indian Tourists in Thailand With more than 170 hotels spread over Thailand, the company offers both high-end and low-cost accommodations.

Major Thai locations like Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Bangkok, Rayong, and Chonburi are all home to OYO stores. Travellers can book reservations in OYO hotels in Thailand through December 31st, 2023, using this discount offer, which is valid from October 11 through October 31st, 2023.

OYO now opened Super OYO hotels in Thailand, where choices for hotels are made after careful consideration of a variety of criteria, including availability of rooms, evaluations from previous guests, and quick check-in procedures. Thirteen Super OYO hotels have already been introduced by OYO, with locations in Pattaya, Bangkok, Chonburi, and Chiang Mai.

In Thailand, OYO has locations in major tourist areas including Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Krabi as well as in business centres like Bangkok, Rayong, and Chonburi.

HIGHLIGHTS : OYO Offers Up to 60% Discounts for Indian Tourists in Thailand

•  OYO Thailand announced a 60% discount for Indian travellers staying at OYO hotels.

•  The business has a network of over 170 hotels in Thailand.

•  The offer is valid from October 11, 2023, to October 31, 2023.

Daniel Khoo, Country Head of OYO Thailand, commented, “We understand that flexibility is a crucial factor when planning a trip, and this initiative is OYO’s way of showing gratitude to the Indian community by allowing them to choose OYO as their preferred holiday destination.” Nearly a million tourists from India visited Thailand in 2022, making it the second-largest tourist source behind Malaysia, according to data from the Thailand Tourism Authority.

Thailand, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), and the Maldives were the top three travel places that Indians wished to visit, according to a 2021 Thomas Cook research.

When reserving and paying at the hotel, users can apply the promo code ‘OYOSPLDEAL’ after logging into the OYO app or website, choosing their preferred property and city.

In the meantime, Thailand is looking at more convenient visa policies for visitors from India. This might make it easier for Indians to visit the country, which would help to increase tourism and improve ties between the two countries.

From OYO, greetings to our visitors in Thailand!

Is it really true? OYO is extending a cordial invitation and offering a significant 60% discount on their Thai properties to all Indian tourists. OYO offers a wide range of accommodations in Thailand, from comfortable budget rooms to opulent suites.

Stay authentic to yourself: from luxurious to affordable

OYO Offers Up to 60% Discounts for Indian Tourists

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Imagine being able to select from more than 170 hotels in Thailand! That dream is becoming a reality thanks to OYO. Every traveller is guaranteed to discover their ideal match, whether they choose luxurious OYO rooms or affordable accommodations. Furthermore, these lodgings are situated in some of Thailand’s most popular areas; consider sun-drenched Phuket, energetic Bangkok, and many more.

It’s time to make the offer, TikTok!

Time is running out for this amazing offer! From October 11 through October 31, 2023, it is accessible. The best part is that you can reserve your dates through December 31, 2023. Simply choose your preferred Thai city on the OYO app or website, then proceed to claim your ideal apartment. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the secret code “OYOSPLDEAL” to activate the discount!

Presenting Premium OYO: The Ultimate Standard

OYO is a step ahead for people who value a hint of elegance. The greatest hotels in Thailand are the Super OYO hotels. These exclusive places are now claimed by cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, which were hand-picked for their excellent services and top-tier visitor ratings.

Thailand: Not Just a Place for Beaches

Here, everything revolves around Thailand: a blend of calm temples, verdant scenery, vibrant markets, and, of course, mouthwatering food that will charm you!  And you know what, I bet? Thailand is also thinking about making the Indian visa application procedure simpler. Surely there are other reasons for them to pack their bags?Our friend Daniel Khoo, the Big Boss of OYO Thailand, says it best: “We are really grateful for our Indian guests. This deal? We would like to express our sincere gratitude for being your go-to vacation spot.”

Thailand: A Travel Story from India 

The numbers do the talking! A considerable proportion of daring Indian tourists selected Thailand as their travel destination in 2022. Not to mention, surprise! According to a Thomas Cook survey, Thailand has earned its spot among the top three destinations for Indian travellers.

What makes everyone so happy about OYO?

OYO offers more than simply lodging—it’s an experience. With its affordable prices, premium accommodations, highly intuitive application, and exceptional customer support (Yo! Chat, round-the-clock chatbot!), OYO is genuinely unique. It makes sense why so many tourists return time and time again to have even more adventures!

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