“Heartbreaking Incident” in Panipat : Boy Killed Friend For Not Allowed To Play PUBG

Haryana News: Panipat District Reveals Shocking Murder Case of a 14-Year-Old Boy, Boy Killed Friend For Not Allowed To Play PUBG

A distressing event involving the death of a 14-year-old child named Saurabh, who was enrolled in the ninth grade, has come to light in Haryana’s Panipat district. One of his 13-year-old friends perpetrated the heinous act. This murder’s motivation is really frightening.

Boy Killed Friend For Not Allowed To Play PUBG

On his phone, Saurabh was deeply immersed in the PUBG game when it all started. One of his friends requested to use his phone to play the game at that same moment. They got into a furious disagreement when Saurabh resisted giving them both access to his phone. The friend from eighth grade strangled Saurabh during this altercation, which tragically resulted in his death. Four days later, Saurabh’s dead body was found in terrible condition in a sugarcane field. One of his legs was half severed, and he was missing both hands. Additionally, his hair had been torn out. The family suspected occult participation in the murder after witnessing such brutality. The chance that stray dogs getting got everything with the body is also an option.

Youngsters Were Visible on CCTV

Rajpal, Saurabh’s distraught father, revealed that Saurabh was his only child and a student at the local government school. On October 1st, he went back to his house, but his son was gone. Inquiries were made among the locals in an effort to find Saurabh, but his whereabouts remained a mystery. CCTV footage was afterwards examined, and it revealed Saurabh having a relationship with a child on October 1st morning. Later that day, at 12:44 PM, Saurabh was captured on camera at a sugarcane field near the community of Babel. Rajpal went to the house of the accused minor that evening in search of answers but was unsatisfied with his response.

PUBG: What Is It?

Users can engage in live combat in the online multiplayer game PUBG. A hundred or so players parachut onto an island to begin each round of the game, where they scrounge for weaponry to ensure their survival. The goal is to remove other players before advancing to the final position.

Being the last person standing at the end of each game round can give an adrenaline high that can become addictive.

Particularly among young boys between the ages of 12 and 20, game addiction has become widespread. Games like PUBG cause the brain to react in happy and rewarding ways, which might make players want more and display addictive behaviour.

Signs of Addiction to Gaming

Boy Killed Friend For Not Allowed To Play PUBG

Different symptoms of gaming addiction include:

• feeling more at ease in the virtual environment of the game than in reality.
• excessive gaming time spent at the detriment of other pursuits.
• thinking about the game constantly, even when not playing.
• losing interest in previous pastimes.
• displaying erratic or aggressive behaviour.
• having a negative effect on academic performance.

Addiction to PUBG: Effects

Games like PUBG addiction can result in:

• problems with the eyes, joints, and muscles from extended gameplay.
• social isolation as a result of fewer social interactions with friends and family.
• disturbed sleep cycles.
• aggressive conduct or unstable emotions.
• academic performance decline.

How to Stop Being Addicted to PUBG

• Take into account the following measures to avoid gaming addiction:

• Only play for a maximum of 1-2 hours each day.
• Spend more time socialising with friends and family.
• Explore additional interests and pastimes, such as music, art, or writing.
• Concentrate on advancing yourself professionally and via education.
• If addiction persists, seek out professional assistance.

Observe Your Child If:

• Loses interest in other activities and thinks about games all the time.
• prefers the digital world to the physical one.
• talks nonstop about in-game accomplishments.
• extensive playing is required.
• negative when not given game time.
• spends money on games rather than necessities.
• Lies regarding how often and how long people game.
• Mood swings and social disengagement are experienced.
• ignores fundamental needs like eating and taking a shower.

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